Portage Station Museum

A museum which tells an extraordinary story of culture and history of Portage.

The Historical Society

It manages the Portage Station Museum.  Located in the original railroad building, the museum contains extraordinary displays of area culture and history in Portage PA. Dedicated volunteers staff, manage, and operate the museum.

History of Portage

One of the most ignore part of history is the Portage and we are trying to make sure that you have the right knowledge about the place.

Turtle Clan

Have you read about the turtle clan? If not you can learn them here.

The Commonwealth

We can keep you updated with the commonwealth games and participation of this place.

General Assembly

Something which you need to learn to understand the political nature of the place.

Station Museum

We can ensure that you have the right place to get your knowledge about the place which can get you awestruck.

Museum Shop

The museum shop can give you a memorabilia of visiting Portage.

The Historical Society's Displays

Our experts will get you through the display to give you a deeper understanding.

The Miners Museum

We can make sure that you get it through the mining history of the place.

Local Industry

We can get you in touch with experts who can make sure that you understand the local industry.

Sports Legends

We can make sure that you are aware of the people that this place has produced.

Period Clothing

Get to know the history of clothing's that originated from the place.

Audio/Visual Room

It's make sure that you have the right people to get you through the whole process of learning history through an image.

Visual Publications

Get to know the place with the help of publications and books.

"..The place is just filled with history a fascinating place to be!.."
Leslie A. Raines
"..The historical museum offers a lot of memorabilia and one of the best is the fridge stickers which you can keep.."
Nadine R. Evans
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Best Features Of Slot Games Online

Best Features Of Slot Games Online

The slots guidance provides in-depth reviews of famous online and land-based Slot games. For lovers of electronic machine gaming, we even cover the available-play slots market. Because the web-based slots video game industry is different from the traditional classic casino environment, designers cover video casino malaysia as a separate category. 

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Tips to choose a brilliant online Casino 

Tips to choose a brilliant online Casino 

There are many trusted casino online Malaysia that you can choose easily to play your favorite type of games. Each casino has their different rules and regulations and benefits with brilliant bonuses promotions, as these are Business of casinos. Make sure that you should collect all the relevant and perfect information if you want to invest your hard-earned money into the casinos. Because some casinos may be fake and do not return your money, you have to play the games only in the reputed and popular casinos. These tips are very important while you are selecting a casino to sign up.

If you are very confused about deciding on the casino then you should follow the brilliant steps as it will give you reliable hints. You can invest your money into the relevant and perfect Casino by taking this information:

You have to check the Legitimate of the online Casino

Numerous fake and rogue casinos cheat with the people. Sometimes you do not get reliable knowledge about the casinos and sign up, this may fall you down and you can lose a very huge amount of money. So it is very important to consider legitimate, lawful and highly repeated online Casinos. If you want to play the games in Casino you can check the reviews and about the history of the Casino.

You should check the customer Support Service

Sometimes even a lawful online Casino does not give you the guarantee of good customer support services. They do not respond to your mail and inquiry for very long days and even do not reply to your chat or message. After seeing all these you will get irritated because of the delay of response and see that they do not give attention to you. Therefore you must check the customer’s service by sending messages, emails and phone calls to see how good their service is or not.

Check that online Casino Support Your preferred banking option or not

In the online casino you are not able to play the games with real money; you have to deposit your money into a bank account. Sometimes you may face difficulties to deposit and withdraw the money from the bank account. So you should consult about the banking options before choosing an online Casino.

Do you want to play with a live dealer?

Most of the online casinos are operated by the help of software and the number of generators to play the games. If you want to take the experience of live Dealing, then you have to choose the Casino which integrated with live dealer games as the online casino provides excitement and happiness to their customers.

It completely legitimate to play Gambling games online. Moreover, it’s a great way to earn a handsome amount of money without any doubt. Therefore, you can make an easy withdrawal while playing the game. Make sure to register at popular for reputed. Before register at the casino, you need to verify the details.


Casino Software And The Technology Behind It

Nowadays, there are so many casino providers who develop software solutions for so many online casinos. These people actually make a lot of money because there is a lot of demand for 1bet2u thai online casino sites because more and more people are finding it to be a lot of fun nowadays. Most of the online casinos have been known to make use of a handful of software developers with some great knowledge and amazing reputation as well, https://www.1b2uthai.com/th/th-th/.


Some of the best developers for the online casino games are Realtime gaming, Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt as well. These providers have certainly made sure to make quite a name for themselves when it comes to the online gambling industry by making sure that they provide you with some top-quality games, a very fair play policy that can be appreciated by all of the players that play on the online casino sites and also they have made sure to provide some exceptional privacy. The software that is developed by all of these providers is very dynamic, and it is also highly user-friendly because it is always made with the end-user in mind. Let’s face it, people do not like a complicated interface, they do not like it if it is very confusing to use, and if it is hard to find some options. They make sure that the software is very friendly to the user and they make some features that would impress the players and they do this so that the player keeps coming back to the site and so that they keep playing as well.

The best online casinos have been known to provide some of the best software in the industry. When you are looking for a site to play on, all you have to do is, you should consider the brands that are featured before you go and sign up. You should also know what are the kind of features that they offer, and you should also check out all of the games as well. You should have done all of this before you go ahead and make your deposit.

Here are some of the payment methods that are used in the gambling industry.

PayPal is actually a leading and very preferred online payment provider all over the world. This service provider has been known to offer an electronic alternative when we look at regular methods of payment. This method is much better, and it is also very simple, and there are not too many steps to follow. It works in a very simple way. There is no middle-man, I have personally used PayPal many times, and I love it. The money directly goes from you to the person you are trying to pay. You can use PayPal on casino sites.

The Best Safaris In The World

Wearing khaki and holding up a binocular is one of the reasons why you need to take a 9club Safari tour as soon as possible. Observing wild animals in their natural habitat is one of the best things for a nature lover. However, safaris definitely are one of the most expensive holidays. Considering this, you will have to experience a safari at least once in your life. So, here are some of the best safaris in the world, http://www.9club5.com/id/.

Okavango Delta, Botswana– The Okavango Delta is one of the best safari destinations in the world owing to its density of wildlife. Thousands of animals migrate here, making giving it an unparalleled edge over all other safari destinations when it comes to volume. You also have options to experience the safari in horses or elephants as the flooded areas impossible to reach in a jeep. You can spend time on the Kubu Queen houseboat and eventually heading to a luxury lodge in Moremi Game Reserve.

Ranthambore Park, India – As we all know, you get the best experiences of safari in Africa. However, India too offers a unique experience of Safaris. The primary wild animal here is the tiger. The colonial-themed tents, candle-lit dinners and private pools will give you one of the best safari experiences ever. Most of the tourists here are taken around on open-sided trucks.

Kruger, South Africa – South Africa hosts some of the best luxury safari lodges in the world. The Kruger National Park, the country’s largest national park shows the Big Five and several other mammals and birds. You should stay in one of the lodges at the edge of the central reserve for a secluded experience. You can also books one of the three treehouses for a night under the stars.

Yala Park, Sri Lanka – India’s neighbour, Sri Lanka is definitely one of the best safari destinations after Africa when it comes to viewing wildlife and birdlife. The Yala West National Park gives you a fantastic view of the full range of wildlife. The national park is your best chance to spot a leopard as the parkland has one leopard per square kilometre. The Uda Walawe Park is closer to the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. It might be a little short on other mammals but definitely covers for it with elephants. For a unique experience, you should opt for Chena Huts on the edge of the Yala Park. The pavilions are an epitome of luxury and come with private pools and a splendid view of the parkland.

Casino Gaming Software

The software that is used to create the entire online casino gaming Victory996 software is not only complex, but it has also been known to involve the proper use of sophisticated programming techniques and various methods as well. The complete infrastructure which is used to develop the online casino games will actually require the skills of trained engineers and many talented designers. Well, the casinos will have to come up with attractive and very functional animations that will help with making sure that more and more customers come to the site, https://www.vic996.com/my/en-us/.


When the customers come to the site, you should be sure that they like what they see and also that they are interested in staying on the site as well. They should be inclined to register on the casino site for all of the games that it offers and also because of all the possibilities it offers as well. Most of the online casino games are all programmed in C++.

As it is mentioned above, one of the very most important components of the online game development is RNGs. The online games have to ensure complete and total randomness and also the role of RNGs is to make sure that a random sequence of numbers is created with absolutely no set patterns at all. This will later determine the outcome of the casino game. For example, when you press the ‘spin’ option on online roulette, the RNG will then determine where the ball will then land on the roulette wheel. This will guarantee the outcome of the results which cannot be changed or manipulated. They cannot be predicted either, and that is why they will become 100% fair, and there is also no chance of cheating either.

With literally every single person owning a smartphone now, mobile gaming has undoubtedly become one of the biggest and also fastest growing sectors of the online gaming industry. The much recent advancement in the technology has now enabled the software developers to create games that have been completely optimized to work properly and easily on all kinds of mobile devices, and this includes tablets as well. The proper development of the markup language HTML5 which is used to stream videos and also games on a web browser is one of the best key technological advancements that have now made it so easier to develop so many mobile casino software. This software will work very well on phone browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari too. Many software developers have been able to make use of this technology in order to customize the games so that they can work on the mobile platforms, by just making small adjustments like configuration of the sites.

Casino Rules and Customs

American casinos don’t generally enforce a lot of formality. People can wear casual clothing and footwear, such as jeans and T-shirts. If you are new to casinos, we have got you a guide to brush up on some of the rules and customs of the casino. Some of the customs of a casino are:

Several casinos provide free beverages to the customers. However, in many states, it is illegal for casinos to give complimentary alcoholic beverages to customers. Therefore, casinos charge for alcohol but provide free soft drinks to playing customers. In either case, you should always tip the waiter or waitress.

Secondly, you should know the bet requirements at any slot machine as in slot game Malaysia or table game before you start playing. On slot machines and video poker, the requirements is either painted on the machine or displayed on the screen.

At each of the table games, you will find a sign that displays the minimum and maximum bets. Generally, the signs are colour-coded to match the colour of the casino chips. For instance, a white sign stands for a table with a $1 minimum bet; a red sign shows a $5 minimum, a green sign shows a $25 minimum and so on. The casino slot Malaysia in 711Kelab usually use standard colours for the chip. However, you should not take this system for granted as a few casinos use the same colour for the signs. Always read the signs carefully before you sit down to play.

The players on the table can change the currency for chips at the tables. You can put the currency on the table and ask the dealer for chips. The dealer gives you the corresponding amount in chips and pushes down the money into a dropbox. However, when it comes to leaving, the dealer does not have access to the cash. To turn the chips back into cash, you have to go down to the cashier’s booth.

If you have a lot of smaller chips, you can get them changed for larger chips. This will help you carry it to the cashier’s booth easily. You can simply ask the dealer to ‘colour up’. For instance, you will get on $25 chips for five $5 chips or a $100 chips for twenty $5 chips.

People who play slots can cash out by a pushing a button on the machine to print out a ticket that has a bar-code printed on it. The ticket can be used in other machines or redeemed for cash at the cashier’s booth.

Movies That Will Motivate You to Travel

Movies have always started a conversation in terms of the content that they put forward. As the content varies, we have had different talks with some of them being inspirational. In terms of popular categories, travelling happens to be an explored territory. We all want to travel, and these movies take things to another level. They are inspiring and help us to move forward to grab a bag and travel to places that we have always wanted to visit. So, if you are looking forward to that very feeling, then here are some of the movies that will invoke the same.


The Darjeeling Limited

After the death of their father, three brothers decided to break the odds, travel to India on a train journey. They haven’t communicated to each other in over a year and decide to get to know one another in a better manner throughout the journey. Adrien Brody, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman, this travel film highlights some beautiful moments from India that capture culture and chaos.


Wild is not your ordinary travel movie, as it is a real-life adventure tale of Cheryl Strayed who was inexperienced but yet decided to travel. In the wake of her Mother’s demise, she went on an epic 1,100-mile journey across the United States. Her amazing story of bravery and self-discovery were all crucial elements to the movie, and it went ahead to make on top of every list. Reese Witherspoon fits the role perfectly and made cine-goers happy like never before.

Into The Wild

Into The Wild is one of the top movies in most of the lists and that is due to a lot of reasons. In terms of portrayal and story, the film is magical and lets you sync in for the feeling. Known to be the main inspiration for numerous travel junkies, this 2007 motion picture is nothing but perfection. This is a real-life story of Christopher McCandless, who left all behind and decided to live in the wild. The movie takes this very concept and shapes things for the better.

The Motorcycle Diaries

We have all come across the name of Che Guevera, at least once in our lifetime. The legendary revolutionized did go on a road journey, and some of us might not be aware of the same. This movie captures all that and also manages to give you a glimpse of some stunning visuals. While there is no denying the fact about the dramatization, the film does so by making it a worthy watch on the big screen. With classic performances by Gael Garcia Bernal, Rodrigo de la Serna and Mia Maestro among others, this movie should not be missed.

Most Unique Airbnb in the World

People have been going crazy over Airbnb rentals all around the world. However, there are a few Airbnb rentals that are incredibly unique and funky. They are so outlandish that people travel to these destinations to experience accommodation. Therefore, we have got you a list of the unique Airbnb rentals in the world.

1. Ginger Villa Koh Samui – The Ginger Villa is located in Koh Samui, Thailand and costs about $100 or more per night. Ginger Villa features a view of the jungle and a private pool. The villa was located on top of a hill. The villa came with a 50-inch TV, wi-fi, luxurious beds and modern furnishings. It definitely tops the list of the most luxurious and unique Airbnb.

2. Sky Lodge Adventure Suites – The Sky Lodge Adventure Suites is located in The Sacred Valley of Peru. It costs around $400 per night. The highlight of this Airbnb rental is the transparent domes clinging to the side of a cliff. It offers a beautiful view of the Andes and the Sacred Valley. The Airbnb also provides breakfast, dinner and a guide.

3. King’s Castle Ireland – The King’s Castle is located in Galway, Ireland and costs about $170 per night. The Airbnb gives you a taste of royalty and luxury in a unique manner. The castle is 600 years old and looks original owing to its restoration. The castle consists of two guest bedrooms, a living room, a master bedroom and a dining room.

4. Maarten’s Windmill – The Maarten’s Windmill is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands and costs about $340 per night. The place features a beautiful fireplace. The 140-year old windmill is extraordinarily cosy and has three guest rooms with double beds in each. We suggest you book the place well in advance as it books out fast.

5. Apartment With a View in Valparaiso – The apartment is located in Valparaiso, Chile and costs only about $70 a night. The apartment is bright and colourful and has a beautiful view of the harbour. The Airbnb is an extremely budget-friendly rental and is also attractive at the same time. The stunning view of the Bay of Valparaiso is what makes the stay so fantastic.

6. Cave Hotel – The Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey, is another unique Airbnb. It costs around $70 per night. The locals have managed to make a fantastic accommodation in a place like this, and it is a must-visit destination.

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